The Rules

Entering tips

1. Tips must be entered through this site over the Internet.

2. Tips must be received at least a minute before the match kick-off. All times will be published as your local time as selected in your user profile. Under no circumstances will tips be accepted after a match has kicked off.

3.You can alter your tips as many times as possible before match kick-off.

4. No tips will be accepted through email or the contact form.

Points Scoring:

1. When you predict the exact score you get three points. So if the match finishes 2-2 and you predicted 2-2 you get 3 points.

2. When you get the correct result but not the exact score, you get 1 point. So if you predict 2-2 and the match finishes 1-1, you will get 1 point.

3. Any other result you will get 0 points.

Knockout competitions

In knockout competitions or finals series matches, the result at the end of extra time shall be considered the result for allocating points in this competition. The result of the penalty shoot-out shall not be considered. So if the result is 1-1 after extra-time, that will be the result considered for allocating points.

Next Fixtures

Schalke 04 vs Bayer Leverkusen
Wed, 19th December 2018 5:30pm GMT

Bayern Munich vs RB Leipzig
Wed, 19th December 2018 7:30pm GMT

Latest Result

Bologna 0
AC Milan 0


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